Fun with Food!

Welcome to Fun with Food! This site was designed to help parents and caregivers find, share and ask about fun foods for your selective toddler!

As a speech-language pathologist specializing in pediatric feeding and swallowing disorders, I encounter many children who have experienced negative associations surrounding food. These children often have accompanying oral motor feeding difficulties and sensory processing difficulties--making eating a very stressful experience instead of an enjoyable one.

This website will hopefully serve as an "idea place" for meals as well as questions and support from other parents and caregivers. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Avocado Cakes with banana and basil

Avocado Banana Basil cakes

What you'll need:
1 avocado
3 or 4 basil sprigs
1/4 banana....puree.
rice krispies or panko crumbs
  1. Mix in 1/2 cup crushed rice krispies (gluten free) or panko crumbs (and a pinch of salt if you'd like!)
  2. Form into little patties and place in a hot pan drizzled with olive oil on your stovetop.
  3. Carefully flip (they will be softer than the panko variation) after about 4 minutes and cook until golden.
  4. Puree a few strawberries (we used a few frozen, thawing berries) drizzle on top..or not...and enjoy!