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Welcome to Fun with Food! This site was designed to help parents and caregivers find, share and ask about fun foods for your selective toddler!

As a speech-language pathologist specializing in pediatric feeding and swallowing disorders, I encounter many children who have experienced negative associations surrounding food. These children often have accompanying oral motor feeding difficulties and sensory processing difficulties--making eating a very stressful experience instead of an enjoyable one.

This website will hopefully serve as an "idea place" for meals as well as questions and support from other parents and caregivers. Enjoy!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Potato Mice

Here is a fun recipe to try with your little one!

Thanks Althea for sharing the Potato Mice recipe found on the Disney website. Her little one enjoyed feeding the mice some cheese and although he may not have been ready to chomp down on these cute little critters quite yet...he enjoyed helping his momma in the kitchen and that enjoyment plays a big role in his feeding development! Check out Althea and Ty's creation:

**Instead of using toothpicks to secure the nose, Althea reserved a little of the potato mixture to 'glue' the noses onto the mice.