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Welcome to Fun with Food! This site was designed to help parents and caregivers find, share and ask about fun foods for your selective toddler!

As a speech-language pathologist specializing in pediatric feeding and swallowing disorders, I encounter many children who have experienced negative associations surrounding food. These children often have accompanying oral motor feeding difficulties and sensory processing difficulties--making eating a very stressful experience instead of an enjoyable one.

This website will hopefully serve as an "idea place" for meals as well as questions and support from other parents and caregivers. Enjoy!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Reuben Cups

Ok, Now I know that there is nothing about a recipe involving sauerkraut that screams "Picky Tot Friendly" but I have a particular child in mind. He, like many others I have seen for therapy, is very receptive to foods with a tart taste, whether it be Italian dressing, vinegar based, garlic or lemon. I had seen a recipe in a South Beach cookbook for spinach cheese cups and I thought it would be fun to try with ham, sauerkraut, cheese and a small amount of shredded baby spinach. I made this for my own lunch and added a dab of dijon mustard to each cup. So yummy!

So many of the children I see like the taste of ham but they may be turned off with the contents in this recipe so you could try just melting cheese inside or puree the contents so the consistency is more uniform. I posted this for the adults as well, I think this would make a great appetizer for a party or a quick lunch or dinner at home!

1 serving = 6 slices in mini muffin pan

6 sices thin sliced honey ham (I used oscar meyer)
1 string cheese (this is what I had on hand!)
dijon mustard
3-4 baby spinach leaves

Place 1 slice of ham in mini muffin tin, pinch sides to create a little bowl
Peel strips of cheese (or shredded cheese) and place a few in each 'ham bowl'
Chop (tear) spinach leaves into small pieces and place a pinch in each bowl on top of cheese
Place approximately 1 tsp of sauerkraut on top of mixture
Bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes.

Add dijon mustard before eating! Here is the finished product:


BranFlakes said...

These look so yummy! I bet my kiddos would love them!